Reviews for "Pokemon Quizz 1.4"

GOOD GAME and i am the pokemon champ

lol good game i have only lvl 100 pokemons i have an lugia ho-oh deoxys suicune entei raikou blastoise charizard venesaur tyranitar jirachi celebi typloshion fereligatr meganium and much more

Aprime responds:

kl, thanks for te review add me to favs


cool pokemon quiz

i got a bit confused on oddish question and kakuna but the other were all fine

Aprime responds:


thats great to hear


thanks for the review


i had no idea on #10 so i just thought of a random legendary pokemon so i typed latias and it was like correct and i was like HOLY SHI*T

Aprime responds:


antdog it is normal its the first evoultion so its normal then its water / this is easy ill rate 5 anyways

Aprime responds:

Yup. Thanks for the review :)

What's answer for last question???????????

Aprime responds:

Anything you want it to be (literally).