Reviews for "Pokemon Quizz 1.4"

you dont know

You dont know anything about pokemon for question 4 none of the answers were correct because farfetch'd carries a stalk not a leek. When I put deoxysve for question ten I knew it wasnt correct but it was deemed correct. you need to fix this.

Aprime responds:

A stalk is a leek...

@ jhondafish

dude machop evolves only twice(two times) so chill out kk and a slowpoke evloves into a slowking when u give it a KINGS ROCK and TRADE IT and i put kakuna with a capital K and i puy deoxys and it work so plain to see you dont now nothin about pokemon other wise good quiz


To all the dumbasses below, shut up.
Also, there seems to be a problem with the last question. My response to what the pokemon was was "asshole" and it was deemed correct.


Duuuude... wtf -____-' why did u post the theme song O_o


slowpoke can evolve in to slowbro OR slowking slowbro cant evolve lol and 10th question stinks - typed gggggg and im a true pokemon master lol