Reviews for "weebl and bob - paper"

Truly awsome.

Heh, You gotta love the way that "pie" is always related in some sense.

I come to think that i base myself on Weebl cause my blatent dis-regard for stupidity and thikning everything is sexy.

That said the paper Touch made it that extra bit sexy. I mean The animation was top class.(although they were only bobbing).

The song i hate, but... you're version rock's You gotta put its as a download, cause it be the first to get it.

The humour used iN the flash was awsome in the way that it was actualy funny. No hidden Fun It was out there and wacky. The people talk like idiots but its still funny.

The best line ive seen on Ng "too sexy or too much" lol.

Realy good job.

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I never really liked weebl and bob. I hate how they sound so incredibly stupid, and even if that's the point, it's annoying as hell. Jus tthe annoying noize that comes out of those southpark canadian mouths. It's moronic, and I can't ever give this something better then a three because of it.

... slightly disturbing...

i didnt know weebl had special places... but yeah this was pretty funny. you and your british song parodies! O_o


yep yep,its aha with stand by me ;)

song is so gay and the clip too,remember it from my childhood period :P

but the toon was cool,keep it going :)


wicked, what song? i its but ah-ha but i canne remember the name

well done