Reviews for "weebl and bob - paper"

Freakin Funny as hell

Great job, simply funny as hell

Best Weebl and Bob ever!

Oh man I cant remember the last time I laughed that hard. So damn good :D


idk how this is movie of the day so far

i mean it was cool and all but i could have done that

and i suck at animating

all u had to do was add words and make some egg rocl back and fourth and make his eyes move.....


This sucks... This required no work at all. Just moving an egg left to right, making text, moving another egg in, and adding sound.

Weeble and Bob ROCK!

PAPER! (scissors)

Anyway those who think W&B is stupid...go bast your selves in gravy and bake yourself into a pie. You are the stupid ones for watching something you KNOW you don't like then slating it in comments.... go play on the train lines or something...

BTW love the AH-HA animation in this one.