Reviews for "weebl and bob - paper"

so funny

trying to get some pie
dont care wats inside
blah blah i do not remember it all
but it is hillarius.

Oh. My. God.

I laughed so goddamned hard at this flash. love it. Bravo!

Do they...?

Do eggs really have 'special places'?

lol so funny!

he makez me moist in mah special places.
stop! stop! stop!
lol was like wtf o.O

I love it.

I've watched this so many times, I know the entire thing by heart.

And to let you guys know, the A-ha! reference is there because the song that they're singing is to the tune of the A-ha! song "Take On Me" and in the music video, the singer is shown in a pencil-sketch-like world.