Reviews for "weebl and bob - paper"


that was amazin! how do you do this stuff? i love it i even wrote down the lyrics!!! i sing it over and over to myself and never get bored of it. i could write for weeks but i cant be asked so well done!


AHA! YARGH! PIE! All good things, all good together. As ever, of course. Just wanted to hear Weebl break into into some kick-ass falsetto, but it was not to be.

A-ha would be proud.

Friend of mine saw Ahahah..ha recently, said they were great and that flash would make them pround, nice job.

why is that so funny

there is nothing that really was great or original, but I laughed and laughed. What does it all mean???


i looooove weebl n bob and now this!! its brilliant! thanx 4 making my day.... maybe weebl should enter X-factor or Pop Idol or something... hes really good.... lol