Reviews for "weebl and bob - paper"

OMG!!!!!!! 3rd!

This is 3rd most popular????????????????????????????????????????????????????
???????????? ever???????????????????????????????????????????????????????
?????????. wow you are good weebl. all hail weebl (and bob how could I forget)

Good as always

Great stuff lol. Now gimme some friggin "pie"! Looks over shoulder* aww shit I forgot the lightbulbs...


pretty good but 2 b onest when they've got there pie in any flash ov em ive neva saw them eat there pie but anywayz nice work u av real talent keep it up

U guys rock

U guys rock :) i was searching for some thing to watch then i saw the word weeble and went straight to it :). U two have kept me entertained many times.. boring classes, time meant to be spent on studying, No matter what people say... the egg thing is cool, It shows individuality and that it is original.

Give the eggs a rest

You should work on your nuts more. Nah, I'm kidding, but seriously though; What is Weebl and Bob, exactly? I'll say it out loud: 2 eggs. So far, this isn't very interesting. But look! They rock back and forth! Hmmmmm. PLUS, they like pie. Some vague subject is mixed to the whole thing, and voila: a score of 4.27 - How great is that? Pft yeah, that's nothing, mate, look! It has the Daily feature and Weekly Second Place awards! It must be awesome!... Fun and sarcasm aside, I don't get it. I can't understand why it appeals to so many newgrounders. Damn, starting in 7 years, I'll do something similar, but my EGGPLANTS will be obsessed with nanaimo cake. That'll totally ROCK. I prefer your magical trevor sequel a lot more.