Reviews for "weebl and bob - paper"

this flash series is so weird and I like pie

dah flah wah too mah


When I heard the synth, I thought "lol wtf" then he started a take on of Take me On XD

It's short though. :( But still funny lol


that was great,i love it,it so funny,the take on me really is a classic,nice variatoin of this song with that you also added great graphic and awesome animation,incrediable flash,i enjoy checking it out if you added more just a little more animation it would of been a must better flash and you would of had a perfect score...

Too much or too sexy?

Ha! I love it! All of your toons make me laugh, especially this one. I really enjoyed the "Take on Me" sing-along session. You used such creative lyrics! Not to mention the excellent graphics. It really did look that the video!

Keep up the great work, Mr. Weebl. :)

Very cheap!

Hi i recently came to know your characters, i like that they are simple and kinda have their own charisma. But the joke overall is so simple and crappy, the style is not new and definitely didn't make me laugh. Its a stupid joke, and anyone can do that to a song just put words that ryhme with the music and lyrics that are stupid.

Stupid flash doesn't desrve to be in the top 50.

Sant, Mr. Fontanelle