Reviews for "weebl and bob - paper"

"too much, or too sexy?"

o wow this iz def one ov my fav weebl & bobz :D

Take On..... My PIE! (Take on meh pie) Take Me Pie

OMG!!! _______ A-Ha _________ Now I'm officially in love with you, I also have the origanal music video I got the biggest kick out of this one! Laughed my ass off! Great Job!

It made me moist in my special places ;-)

It was so brilliant, I had to go out and buy "Take Me On". Keep up the unadulterated awesome-ful-ness-ity!


lol i like the part where bob gos"stop!stop!stop!"
weebl:what is it to much,or to sexy?
bob:to much

Lyrics (im bored)

tryin' to get some pie
I don't care,
whats inside it,
i eat it anyway.
i just want to be right beside it.
cover it with cheese.
maybe gravy, maybe mash potato.

Don't bake one
(dont bake one)
Don't bake two
(dont bake two)
Bake me three
'cos two just won't