Reviews for "weebl and bob - paper"


weebl and bob kind of remind me of south park at least bobs voice does

a-ha are my favorite band ever...

That Morten Harket...He make me moist in my special places... STOP STOP STOP!!TMI! Too much?or too sexy...? Too much...I lolled at that part! Keep it comin TheWeebl! woot!


"He makes me wet in my special places"STOP THAT FAR TO MUCH INFORMATIONS!"To much or too sexy?"to much"

Aint it odd?

Great animation, but somethings kinda weird. Isn't it strange that in a lot of Weebl's animations, they trash on Norway, but Aha (people who did take on me) are Norweigan?


this was totally my favorite song, and too see the music vid mimicked on weeble and bob made my day complete! Excellent paper animation too..