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Reviews for "Tactical Assassin"

Brought out the Killer instinct

Great game, I look forward to more involved missions and increased difficulty. Thought the game was well planned and thought out. No errors or glitches for me when i played it. Keep up the good work. I never thought it would be so much fun to shoot a stick figure...HAHAHAHA

Shweet game! Can't wait for #2!

Graphics: U used stick figures, but the killing part was well done!
Sound: Great!
Violence: The whole assasin bit was cool, as was the shootin.
Style: Stylish! (sry >_<')
Humor: It's more of a killing game, not really humorous unless you get a kick out of people being murdered.
Interactivity: Very much like the real thing. Just saying it. I have never done that.
Overall: This is a great game! Keep up the good work!


This game could be played over and over for hours on end! You got flash skills!

kicked ass!

Greatest stickgame i ever played.

Dang! This is a great game!

This game is a very fun game! It never gets old! I could play this game all day (if i didnt have a life!). I highly reccomend this game to anyone that need to blow off some steam or just blow the S**T out of people! HAVE SOME F**KING FUN!