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Reviews for "Tactical Assassin"


ok nice game i love it but.. wtf im on the ethnic cleansing place or wutever.. my scope is right on there head.. when i shoot it dont kill them it is like way off.. or im a dumbass.... explain....

Sweet game

it was really fun even my baby brother liked it!!!

Excelent game, but fundamentally wrong.

100% on both chapters. It was a good game. There aren't enough games like this around in my opinion. I'm even willing to let go of the fact that on the very first mission, you should have been able to shoot the mark in the heart.

The head is in fact a very difficult target to actually hit with one shot. When shooting for the head in a real life situation you aim for the eye socket. Most other places won't cause death. Alot of people have been known to survive shots to the head. The chest however is a different story, army and police snipers aim for the heart, if possible, because the chest is a much larger area and a shot to it will still, in most circumstances result in a kill, even if you do not hit the heart. This is because most of the essential organs are situated in the chest cavity. For example, you can hit the lungs, splean and many of the other vital organs to result in an efficient kill. It may not be as quick, but it is a more reliable target. So long as the mark does not have an imediate source of medical attention.

I would very much enjoy seeing more scenerios where you have to study the terrain before you take the hit. For example, perhaps more "line-of-sight" scenerios, and possibly one or two "sound masking" scenerios, as in the film "Enemy at the Gates" where the sniper takes shots in time with the sound of exploding shells.

I like the fact that the marks are not easily distingushed from the civilians. I am looking forward to the next installment of this game. keep up the good work.

simonhason responds:

Hey friend, great review. I can tell you right now that you will love Tactical Assassin 2, just by reading your review. It will be much more complex!


dude that was awesome finish the next one man plz hurry!!!!! LOL :D
good game man liked the style of it and the MGS music was a good touch which added to the authenticity of it keep up the brilliant work
:D oh and finish the next part to it :P lol

mmmm headshots

whats more satisfying then shooting a guy in the head and seeing his brains spattered on the wall behind him? i gave a 5 for sound cause there was only gun shots and alarm sounds. humor 7 cause it was funny when u shoot people in the head, but that can only go so far. Cant wait for the next part.

P.S. u should make guys make screams of agony when they get shot in the head. only a suggestion :D