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Reviews for "Tactical Assassin"

I love these kind of games

Stick shooters are usually crap games with not much effort going into them. But you do get the occasional gem, and this is one of them. The graphics are only basic stick figures, but I prefer it when people just stay with stick figures rather than going with poor drawings. And the animation of the stick figures was great, so no real faults on the graphics front. The music between missions was fine (Reminded me of Metal Gear Solid) and the in-game sound was just you basic effects like gunshots, which is all you really need. Gameplay was fine, even if it was a little on the easy side. Good gore as well.

Overall an excellent flash shooter, and I'm glad you're doing a sequel, I'm looking forward to it!

Very nice.

Some missions were hard and required you to do some thinking rather than shooting, nice game.

a very interesting game it was a great deal of fun

just read my one line one "a very interesting game it was a great deal of fun" nothing more needs to be said


AWSOME i cant wait for more leves... keep the black and white also, it loks soo tight

I loved it

Simple but brilliant. I can't wait for the sequel.