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Reviews for "Tactical Assassin"

level is hard but overall a great game

level 5 is inpossible

Awesome game.

I remember when this was brand new in Newgrounds. Played this when I was younger, those were the good times too in my life. I still think it's too short, but what is done is done. I didn't see any bugs or anything that would have ruined the gaming experience. Sound track is fine and effects are decent. No complaining but not the best either. It's a good decent sniping game and there are much more worse sniping games than this out there.

Congradulations on winning three awards! If you had just gotten a Daily Feature, you would've gotten the big 3! You should know what I'm talking about. I think the secret to why this game is so good is how you can work so much with it. If something goes wrong, just try it again. I like games that give you a lot of chances. I mostly just got by through process of elimination.

It is kind of hard to tell these guys apart. It really does remind you of the old Xiao Xiao games. What happened to the guy who made them anyway? I love this music and how well it fits the game. There's a good sense of hard work put into this.