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Reviews for "Tactical Assassin"

Sickest sniper game ever

Now i though sniper games were just plain old boring wait for a target and boom and boom but this is dfferent it has a tactical theme were you have to make sure none escape and you dont raise alarms or killing in a certain order to complete the mission.Great job hitting my favs list noe ;)

For the next one i just have a few suggestions:
1)Have a roam mode(i mean by this have a roam bit at the beggining of a mission so you cn get into postiton
2)Weapons shop (i mean by this you start with a crap sniper and earn money through the hits you take and gain better weapons that kill more efficiently
3)have alt missions (i mean if you fail a main mission it will go into an alt mission which lowers your score and gives you another chance to make up for the hit r have another go at the hit in another place)

These are just ideas of the top of my head good luck with the next one :D

Very Sweet

This game is the best! It is well thought out and has a good storyline, continue with this game!

Great game but needs more

First of all, this is a great shooting game. It requires patience and good reflexes, knowing when to make the split-second decision to pull the trigger. However, I must say that I am tired of stick figures. Stick figures really sap a lot of flavor from the game. Especially in a game where you are looking for specific targets, having more detailed characters would add more tension to the game. I look foward to your next work. I hope there are more levels, less stick figures, and more complex objectives. Good work.

Great game!

I loved it, but I couldn't get past the sixth mission...
It was still awesome though!

Great game

This is what I'm talking about! Great music, great graphics, great gameplay!! I can't wait for the sequel!