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Reviews for "Tactical Assassin"

this kicked ass

you absoulutly nailed the assain genre but the graphics need a tiny bit of work other than that this game was awsome


Be better with less sticks.
Easily one of the better shooters on NGS if only the graphics had been given a slighter boost.

It was a game that had very few good moments.

The game was easy but one or two missions dealt with pations but overall the person shouldnt have wasted there time on this game.

Good Sniper Game...

My only complaint is not enough missions, but you're going to make more of these anyway. It's definitely one of those games you have to think thoroughly before you shoot. So obviously, I lost every mission at least once. :) But, I will keep practicing and hopefully be a little better when the next one comes out.


this game is quite good but i think its quite overated i know more than one game better than this