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Reviews for "Mr. T v.s. Pokeymon"

I like it but I'm waiting for the remake

I really like this. I would love to do the voice for the remake, because I do it very well (Hell, I could be a voice actor) not that I'm bragging. It's a gift.

I think the graphics should be improved (but keep that pikachu the same, It's funny) and more realistic blood. Try bones and stuff. What is that fourth one you have to kill anyway?

I do like the humor. There's something about that way he says "I pity da foo dat Pikachu" that makes me laugh every time.

Keep it up and sharpen your skills-- then show all those badmouthers what you can do!

Beat 'em up to paste!

Shitty graphics, but really gives me a good laugh!


No no no! It has to stay crappy!

Pretty Funny

Despite the graphics being messy, this was one funny movie. The Ash character sounds authentic too.

Well... That was Interesting...

Sound was kind of loud. Graphics weren't that hot, but it was funny!