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Reviews for "Mr. T v.s. Pokeymon"


Great movie but MR T DRIVES HIS OWN FUCKING VAN! he would never let that crazy fool murdoch touch his van!

I pity the foo!

Oh my god! This film rocks!!!1 Its a must see! Never before have I seen Mr.T so pissed off apart from the time 2 Pac ate those Cheetos at his party. Mr.T get medieval on dose foo's da pokemon. There are really no words to describe this. I had to go to hospital to get my sides stiched back up!


Dude, this is so funny. I love it. 5 hands down.

i don't know why, but...

this flash is incredibly funny. even though the graphics and sound quality needs a lot of help, it makes me laugh more than half the stuff on NG. also, if you listen closely, you'll notice how the storyline revolves around ash raping his pokemon... weird, but funny.

Very Metal!

Ok so your sound isn't as good as it could be, but the sheer effect of it is incredibly funny. I mean, come on, you dont need a profesional impersonator to talk like mr T when you have a brilliant voice of your own. Dude, although there may be a couple of glitches, and generally dire graphics, you seem to have the audience at your feet when it comes to your vocal talents. LOL.