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Reviews for "Mr. T v.s. Pokeymon"

Perfect. A masterpice. Words can't describe it.

This flash truly is the pinnacle of today's society. Its the Ocarina of Time of flash movies. God himself couldn't have mad a better flash movie. You sir, are a god. Words cannot describe how amazing, astonishing, astounding, and all around perfect this flash is. Its better than perfect, something that boggles scientists and philosophers alike on how it could be possible, but this flash is better than perfect.

so crap its awesome

so crap its awesome

crap graphics but that made it more funny. crap sound and that was kinda funny and i got to kill pokemon!!!! yay!


Damn dude ya made Mr. T funny!!!

omfg this is excellent

one of the best things about newgrounds is tthat it has this animation.
nothing can and will compare...not even 10 black stand-up comedians fused into a super black comedian is funnier than this!!


This animation is one of the single most amazing flash animations on newgrounds. Only true genius can understand TRUE GENIUS and this animation is TRUE GENIUS. This animation is so crappy that it is excellent. If you want my opinion, as an art genius, this should be showcased in Musée du Louvre.

10/10 Everyone should see this. NOW!