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Reviews for "Mr. T v.s. Pokeymon"


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! oh god i can't breath! the graphics were bad, but if they were good, it wouldn't be funny

Made me laugh a shitload

This is really incredibly funny. Dont let the crappy graphics fool you, its funny. (the voice for ash was brilliant)


LOL dood that was the sweet shit man mr. T is like my hero (well, no, Bam Margera is but Mr. T too) and i despise pokemon, and dude, haha, the way he talked and the shit he said was unbeatably hilarious! damn man, i laughed my ass off like 10 times the first 5 times i watched it, it was funny as fuck, make more! w00t!

the animations r so hilariously rubbish

evretin waz rubbish wich makes it hilarious the voice waz rubbishly hilarious


that was...........................AWSUME