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Reviews for "Mr. T v.s. Pokeymon"

What the hell?

You could barely hear mr. t and that was probably the worst drawing ever!

Bad Movie...

Now I know why this wasn't featured in the Mr. T collection. Ash doesn't look anything like he's supposed to and you've made a really bad Mr. T impersonation.

it was so shit it was good

that was so shit its was amazing i luved it it made me laff so much i liked the mr T impression very much
make more more!!!

Never has a piece of shit been so amazing!

I couldn't believe how good that was!

I pity da foo

After watching, I looked down at my pants and saw a semen stain. Yes, it was that good. Sure, the graphics sucked, the sound sucked, and many other things sucked...but it was incredibly funny.

"I pity the fool named charmeleon!"....classic