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Reviews for "Mr. T v.s. Pokeymon"


"and guess what, i just got done raping them. and their excited." HAHAHAHA. i love it.


I'm sorry for crapin on ur sound score but i really couldnt understand a single word Mr. T was saying. I understood "gonna beat ur face in" and "murdok, we ran that foo over, ok lets go home" and thats about it


the graphics totally sucked ass but it made it that much funnier with the voices. it is rare to have horrible animation and still make something that funny. good job


The animation was so bad it was funny, the voices were just as hilarious, and the hilarity more than makes up for the bad animation. Good show, old man. Good show, I say.

Not bad

Ok this was a good movie I got a laugh out of it. If you need to drop in and have some fun heh.