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Reviews for "Mr. T v.s. Pokeymon"

couldnt get through a minute of it

realy bad graphics


Who cares if the graphics are rudimentary at the most, or the voice acting is almost inhumanitarian, it gets the job done, being funny, and working.
Well done, Catface

Kinda good

Compared to other flash it wasn't good, but I mean common, this was from 200, the idiots who keep sayinb etter graphics, they don't realize this is made wtih such an old version of flash. It looks pretty good for something old, but the voices kinda suck.

(work in title)

^^Good Points^^
The only really redeeming part of this was when Ash challenged Mr. T. That scene was funny.

^^Needs Improving^^
Ugh, so much I could write here. The animations were pretty elementary, and the drawings were even worse. Half of the stuff looked nothing like what it was supposed to. The sound quality was terrible, and the voice acting was mediocre. Really painful to my ears to listen to this.


sorry, man, but its obvious that took you one day. coulda been better if you put more time into the animation and the sound wasn't so shitty, but it was pretty awful ><