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Reviews for "Mr. T v.s. Pokeymon"


good idea but grathics sucked. make another now, foo... 5/10


the animation is crap, but the idea of mr T kick'n some pokefagot ass is damn funny sow 5/10 maybe make another 1 whit some killer drwings?


This is god awful. It doesnt even deserve this star, but I'll put it in there because of your use of buttons, your impression of Mr. T, and the fact that it had Pokemon in it.


Well it's not bad, but it needs help.

I thought it wasn't all that bad. It does need help though. You need to do a better voice acting on Mr. T. Also try to animate it better. Other than that it was decent. It did make me laugh.


the good:
heh, Mr. T!

the bad:
the sound is overamplified and the graphics aren't good, neither. they just look too clumsy.
also, the animations are just bad.

the ugly:
turn down the volume of the sound and try to improve on your drawing skills! and you sure need to work on you animation skills, too.