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Reviews for "HP: Sorcerers Bone"

I loved it!!!

I think his changing scar was hilarious, and him being his underwear, the girl he kissed last summer, his new broom, his girlfriend... It was hilarious! With snape killing Alien Homind in the background... It... Was... F*cking... Awesome.


That has got to be the funniest thing I've seen in a while. OMG. That was so damn hilarious.
"Its not you. There's someone else, you see."
"Yes, I know. That was me too."

Yay! Just2Pale's back!

That was funny. It's cool that you got your own story instead of using 102.1...however I liked those a lot, so does my friend, who cracked up on "Sex Line". We don't mind you using The Edge (We listen to it every day, since we're like an hour away from Dallas, I'm hoping to get tickets to "How The Edge Stole Christmas"). Anyways, that was a funny movie


I laughed alot during this, and it takes alot to make me laugh. I couldn't wait to see what Harry's scar would be next!! And Voldemarts voice was awesome. Great storyline, and sense of approach in the humor. The flash was well made too.
Keep your style and humor, it works!!!


That was hilarious!!! that should make an 8th book! when harry dest... well for anyone stupid enough not to realise what will happen in the 7th book i won't say