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Reviews for "HP: Sorcerers Bone"

wow, fuckin hilarious man

This movie was REALLY good. I have not laughed like that in a while. Especially the part where Harry was like "Wow this is awkward" and Voldemort was like "Quite, I feel silly now". Anyways...great job man. You sir, deserve a 5. Keep up the good work!

just2pale responds:

yea thats was a fun part!! thanks


..that was not all to funny... in fact, it was sad

the only part i found funny was when snape was trying to kill the alien and when voldemort said "like that pair of underwear you put on yesterday! that was me!". The rest was sad cuase you dissed Harry. Seriously, i'm a fan. to me that was pretty harsh.

just2pale responds:

you still havn't figured it out have you inuinu!! blah ba blah blah blah



it was pretty good. the animation and humor were both well done, just the sound was a little crappy at times though. keep up the good work

just2pale responds:

yesh,, I realize now the error of my ways!! but glad you enjoyed!



i loved it!!!!!! it was sooooooo funny!!!!! great spoof!! and i loved snape in the background that was sooooo gunny that i wet myself lol


It was pretty tough to hear sometimes, because I couldn't understand what they were saying, but it was still funny. I liked Harry's scar changing every time there was a new camera angle, that was clever. It was nicely done, but the sound was a little sketchy in some places.