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Reviews for "HP: Sorcerers Bone"

ok..i guess...

hte storyline was good, and i enjoyed snape randomly transfiguring the NG characters, the random scars were a nice touch, but otherwise, the graphics could use some work, and the sound was off, interactivity was zilch. good idea, bad execution

So funny!

Dude that was sweet!
You got a ten, the interactivity ten was for the "pale" stast button. Every part of this flash rocked.
You should deffinetly do more!


that was funny was i thought it would be some dumb ass thing but that was good

This was great.

I didn't know this was going to be so funny. I watched it and it was funny how Harry's Scar kept changing. I loved the McDonalds one and the Pikachu. That was pretty good. Now Voldermort all ways claiming to be there where ever Harry was. That was funny too. Great work!


this was pretty funny the under where part was funny.. and when he said i like someone else and voldemort said ya.. thats me too i laughed pretty good.. so keep up the good work