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Reviews for "HP: Sorcerers Bone"

Ha! He's scar!

That was great, keep up the good work;)

Where did snape go?

I paid more attention to snape fiddling around and fighting the alien homonind(however u spell it) lol, its a creative idea but finding out that Voldermord(i dunno how to spell) is gay kind of kill it in a way.


The scar changing sort of distracted me, but was funny. As well as Snape, and Alien Hominid fighting in the background, was a bit funny, as well. And the voices were well done, animation was great, and was good at being random. 5/5.

Nicely Done!

It is nice to see you submitting original material again. While your sound-over work is always humorous-- the thanksgiving/halloween "special" was a nice test for a new branch of original toons.
This is definitely a step in the right direction for your art, and perhaps style, although the audio was a touch off. Dialogue had a slight hiss at the beginning, however, it smoothed off towards the end.
As to the dialogue itself, the first half (leading into the underwear comment) was a tad over the top. In the long run, it evened out and the joke was well delivered.
Nicely done.

Very nice

While i'm not much of a Harry Potter fan (never read the books and didnt like the first two movies, so i have no real opinion), I find it strange that i clicked this, especially since i usually stray away from all things HP related. However, I found this to be quite entertaining.

Graphics: very nicely done and rather bright and colorful. A big plus for someone like me with such a short attention span.

Style: it wasnt stick figures, and even though I dont know many of the HP cahracters, I could tell who they were. I also adore randomness and chaos.

Sound: It was a bit scratchy, but bearable.

Violence: yay for the blastnig of the Alien homonid thing. That was what made me keep watching.

Humor: I love how his scar keeps changing and the whole "I was the underwear you put on yesterday" thing. The end though, i saw it coming, but it made it no less funny.

Overall: Very good, You have talent, especially if you can make a non HP fan like me want to watch and laugh. Keep it up, i hope to see more from you.