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Reviews for "HP: Sorcerers Bone"


Made me happy.


i thought it was a bit disturbing. You're on your way, kid.

Whoa. Lol, very funny but made me think.

The voices weren't very great, but I'm not downing the score too much because it just sounded like a bad mic. Pretty funny but made me think of a question. Would it be consider gay to have sex with a man who could turn into a woman while he is a woman? Or would it be gay to have sex with a woman who could turn into a man while she is a man? Lol, bet that question has alot of different answers XD.

Who woulda thunk it?

Voldamort was everyone! Even Harry's underwear! Never saw that coming! Now, I will look at my underwear every day before I put them on! If it's not safe, I'll just go comando for the day.


Scar, pikachu, Macdonalds,apple, xbox