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Reviews for "HP: Sorcerers Bone"


I suppose the bone was referring to boners. I mean, there were certainly some involved with this. I loved the animation here. I seriously thought it was some of the best you've ever worked on. The voices are so funny. It's cool to see how much this escalates.

Everybody moves so well. I love how Harry's scar keeps changing. It's just a nice little detail. The characters move so well here. Harry has been shipped with literally everyone.

just2pale responds:

You seem to be on a review hunt on most my animations :p

As I recall this was my first animation not using prerecorded audio, but my own story and voice. Glad you enjoyed and Thank you for the reviews. I really appreciate them.

Wait, If Voldemort was Harry's broom, does that mean that Harry rides Voldemort?! O__O


but, if voldemort is everything, shouldn't harry have known, voldemort just be loving himself, and HOW CAN VOLDEMORT BE EVERYWHERE AT ONCE? ohhhh, maybe he cloned himself millions of times, or maybe he caused a time paradox by him meeting his past or future self?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!1111 and that would mean he's chuck norris!! OMFG!!!


I laughed when voldemort said that he and Harry were loversXD