Reviews for "=Jack's Lantern="

This belongs in a Flash...

This seriously belongs in a horror/survival Flash...mm hmm I can see myself running to pee now...

Hades responds:

Yup, definitely spooky flash material. ;D


I agree with the others, very subtle, but creepy... you keep expecting something, but nothing is there... but a feeling...O.O'

Hades responds:

Yup, that's the kind of "creepy" I was aiming for. ;D Thanks for the comment!

dude... nice

it's a simple aesthetic, but it works well, sort of eerie but not scary, the nice simple ding of the piano/keyboard gives it a more light feel than something horrible, and don't worry about aschelin, he obviously doesn't understand that sometimes things can be subtle AND grand, it's not overcomplicated and i don't feel overwhelmed, it leaves a good amount to the imagination, which means that it has the potential to be creepy/eerie/scary/devious, sooooooooo, to sum up, simplistic, but Epic,

Hades responds:

Nice to hear you understood the point of the more basic approach I took on this one. And yes, it is more of a "light" song, as I wasn't aiming for "horrible", as you put it, but just plain eerie. It's something that I believe most horror-movie directors should try to learn: a scary face that pops out from the darkness will definitely scare you, but silent, tense moments of insecurity are the key to achieving a truly creepy atmosphere.

Thanks so much for reviewing, I really appreciate it!

Oooooh creepy

Pretty creepy one ya got here. Its pretty simple nut it works well like that. Can't wait to hear more from you.

Hades responds:

Thanks, dude, glad you liked it enough to comment! ;D

-Review of music and personality-

The ambient song is top notch in it's simplicity. It doesn't try doing anything to extreme, and it's simplistic melody and execution makes it applicable in many situations. So the music becomes very flexible. Beside it's efficiency as a song it does still sound good, so all-round package is present.
Also I thought your satirical response to some reviewers was good for a laugh, so it's always a bonus when the musician has a good personality.

Hades responds:

Y'know, the simplistic approach that you mentioned was actually meant to build up some scariness due to sheer repetitiveness which is unnerving in a manner that simply leaves you expecting something to happen. It's like walking through a pitch-black corridor: the scenery doesn't change at all, but it doesn't mean you don't feel like screaming like a little girl and/or similar personality stereotype. :P

Thanks for the comment! It's always good to hear some more detailed impressions, especially coming from someone with a good sense of humor. ;D