Reviews for "=Jack's Lantern="


6 Isn't bad, its above fair, and I actually have some feedback for you, unlike some people.
Its a very 'on the edge' kind of song, as in holds suspense to something happening, but there was something missing at the end, I'm not quite sure what, but it shouldn't end in silence, perhaps a climax, or the drums all the way through, not sure myself, but it should have something else in there, but not too big.


Hades responds:

Hm, as for the end, I was planning on ending it like this probably from the moment I started making it. I find that this ending adds a whole lot of tension and creepiness to it, so I like it this way. Thanks a lot for your input, means a lot!


good but you could have changed it up a bit more.

Hades responds:

True, but I was aiming for the creepiness that lies within the constant repeating of the same thing. I find that it's another way of creating tension, and a good one at that. ;D

I like the feel

It gives so much inspiration, already got a story I can make it with. If only I knew how to do flash >_<. Makes me think of someone walking home on a winters day being fallowed by a man wearinga punkin mask with the sharp teeth, never confronting the man he follows, just follows, thinking of the pain the man caused him.

Hades responds:

Well, if you ever decide to take up Flash, you're more than welcome to use this song in it! ;D Thanks for the comment!

i like it

there are so many things i can us this for.
a little short though.
keep up the creepy work

Hades responds:

Good to hear! Thanks!

Picabooooooo !!!

Now that's just plain creepy

Hades responds:

Yup, it definitely is. ;D