Reviews for "=Jack's Lantern="

Creepy , exactly what i wont.

Like it.
Very good done ... but the end seems more a christmas song.

Hades responds:

Wow, that makes two of you with the same opinion. One hell of a spooky X-mas, if you ask me. ;D Thanks for commenting!


good mood setter, nice job.

Hades responds:

Thanks, good to hear you liked it!


But most of it sounds more christmasy. I do like it though.

Hades responds:

Really? Never thought of it that way. Might be the glassy-chime sounds. :P Good to hear you liked it!


love it

Hades responds:

Good to hear, man!

Dark and Creepy

This is perfect for those scary moments, though it could be amped up just a smidge, try to not make it as simplistic.

Hades responds:

True, but this time, the minimalist approach was what I was aiming for. Still, thanks for the comment!