Reviews for "F I S H I N G"


I loved the general style and artwork in this flash. Gave it a sort of funny feel. I'm not entirely sure if the point I think you're trying to get across is the point you are actually trying to get across but it's all the same. As long as there is a point.

ebakooqho responds:

^^ Thank you very much.
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This is an adorable piece of work. Nice fluid motion, very creative characters, excellent background, the speech bubbles were a pretty cool idea. I especially liked the arrangement of cannon at the end. Did you do that yourself or did you get it somewhere?

I guess you only eat vegetables and soy do you?

.... nice animation, stupid point. We fish and hunt to survive. Survival of the fittest, and humans aren't the only race that follows those guidelines.

ebakooqho responds:

well... Have you ever seen the speaking fishs? This stroy and characters are created.
think free more more more...

as a Korean, it's still hard to write in English.


take that you japanese fisherman you!!

aaahaha little man cant break the stick!

Loved it.

I didn't really understand it though.