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Reviews for "Maganic Wars OutSite v1.0"

Good card game

Very good job though I wish that you could've had monsters instead of your characters fighting and maybe you could make a character design on a follow up version of this game.


Very good work, has a kinda MTG theme going. I advise making a save feature or a checkpoint mabye. I hate dying at the lvl 4 dude, then having to start over. Overall, good job.


IWANTMORE lol seriosly great game really good graphics and doesnt get that repetative mabey u should add some kind of an adventure onto it...



It's ok...no big thing really.

The way you say you're going to put all this work into it and all the work that you have put into it makes it seem like some huge ass project when it's really not. I mean I beat the update before this that you had submitted and dont get me wrong it was fun...had me playing for a while. But I mean the concept is generally old now dayz and the whole idea of the game is going to hit a brick wall in my opinion. So, unless you give some huge gameplay and some solid interaction, I wouldn't suggest this to much people. 1 thumb up d('.')