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Reviews for "Maganic Wars OutSite v1.0"


One of the best flashgames ever made!. I love it. But if ur gonna make a new one plz add more cards, and more items. And u can make some card avaiable not through wining a level but by buying it. But overal the idea is great! The cards are great! The gameplay is great! Everything is great! Keep up the good work.

PS. Can you make a tutorial on making AI for enemies because I am making this great game but i cant finish it because i dont now how to make AI. Plz put a tutorial on NG!


Its in my best 10 flash games if u put more cards then it would be a lot better

This is the next genertaion solitare!(Jk)

This is wicked fun and I can't wait till multiplayer!
$$(SPOILER!!)$$ THE CHEATCODE IS "IWANTMORE" MUHAHA! now everyone knows!


....just one question.... can you save it? if so how?

great potential but poorly designed

this game has a lot of potential EXCEPT that the instructions are faulty, the special power ups dont work and you have to start over every time you are defeated.