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Reviews for "Maganic Wars OutSite v1.0"

not fair game

game really isn't fair~ like at 60 hp fights the opponent gets max rune power, and then in the next two turns he gets to the 2nd rank 'super seiyan <-- only think i can think of with the glowy fire) and then you use up all your items and you finally get to rank one 'super seiyan' and he uses dark rage on you, he becomes ultimate 'super seiyan' and you're back to no rune power and get whupped (not that you weren't before) and just before he finishes you off, he uses anotehr dark rage. aghh.. this is so not fair.


nice game, although you should put a continue option, Level 6 is where it gets hard, my opponent went through several rune levels and started glowing purple. then he killed me on one hit when i had like 30 life left. freaky....

I tried to buy his staff XD

Once again, you waste away another 2 hours of my life. But don't worry, I downloaded it so I will waste even more time later. Thanks for the update and the downloadable version! Best card game ever.


I loved the original and i still even play it. And with the updated one the graphics are better. The only thing is the difficulty at times and when losing having to start the game over but oh well still a great game.


I have loved Meganic wars for a long time. It's nice to see an update ... even if the changes are small. This is going directly into my favorites!