Reviews for "Goomba Attack"

=D great game!

very easy to play, addictive, good graphics and catchy music ^^ and the most important of all, low filesize for crappy conections =D

Lord-Grumbles responds:

Accursed dial up... Your day is coming... lol


The music reminds me of paper mario.

nice work

Lord-Grumbles responds:


The music is in fact the main battle music from the second Paper Mario.

Needs some work

It's a fun game, kept me busy for a bit. You need to replace the red dot with something, i.e. Mario or some other character and you need to add a backround. Besides that you've got the base for a good game.

Lord-Grumbles responds:

That sounds good. I'll take note of that and maybe change it sometime.

good try

really enjoyed this , simple idea worked well , i would like too see an adaption to this maybe improve the graphics and have a music choice

Lord-Grumbles responds:

Thanks. I have had some other ideas of things to add to this since i've made it but i never really considered putting different music loops into it. I might make an improved version, but it probably won't be for a while. School keeps me busy. =P

not bad!

Pretty entertaining! Fun to play but also gets challenging at higher difficulty levels and more enemies. Good job! ^_^

Lord-Grumbles responds:

Thanks. I'm glad people are enjoying it. =)