Reviews for "Down At Juice Bar"

wtf is wrong with these people!! DIS flash is cool

i was just reading peoples reviews i read upto 3 pages.....(yah w/e im no geek) and dis flash's humor was jus great....unexplainable i loved the accent also...all these fuck heads that refuse to give this flash 6 or higher are.....FAGS dis flash should stay on the frontpage and never to be removed...by the way i watched ur other cartoons probably not all of them i found as good but u have a great talent and i'll be looking for more CaptainBlue...one more thing my heart would shine if u wrote back :)


That was great, I really enjoyed it. Mango? Is fruit, yes?


Genius. Dont' know why it was so funny, but it cracked me up. Nice work.

Give me more!

Love your work, love this flash. Personally, I love this style of animation. It is comical in itself and allows for more focus on the dialogue and gestures rather than movements and such. I'm perfectly happy if the bad guys remain silhouettes or however you spell that. At any rate, keep up the awesome work.

How do we get this thing nominated for being a series...?

potato juice...

hilarious XD

"What? You'd turn back on your own son?"
"He doesn't even exist yet!"
"So what?"

XD I love it.