Reviews for "Down At Juice Bar"

Wait, the Bad Guys are the blue and green people? You seem to be misusing the names. You refer to the Bad Guys "on the other hand". You just said they conquered the world. Are these not the same people? Well, whatever this was hilarious.

The blue guys remind me of the Klay men. I didn't know you could make juice from potatoes either! Isn't juice by definition made from fruits? Well, I've heard of carrot juice. I loved the bits about nonexistent people.

Weird conversation but good work

I have some conversations like this with my friends sometimes, so I guess I like this video, especially the zombie part.

potato juice...

hilarious XD

"What? You'd turn back on your own son?"
"He doesn't even exist yet!"
"So what?"

XD I love it.


What an odd conversation, makes me want to have one with two of my friends =D


this sets the benchmark for comedy animation. bravo.