Reviews for "Down At Juice Bar"


That's what i want my juice bar to have,Lemon in my potato juice drink lmao


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Yay! Bad Guys!

I love Bad Guys. Good job, pretty funny.

Make more, please, please, please, please! These are brilliant!

Great piece of animation. Simple effective comedy.

I love Bad Guys, first watched episodes 1-3 a long, long time ago (must have been a few years possibly...) and just came across the whole lot today. This one in particular is brilliant. The humor is subtle for the most part, but I laughed out loud a number of times. And the music is somewhat hypnotic. I only realized at the end, but I was bobbing along to the whole piece.

Plus the accents for the bad guys have always fallen well on my ears. Top notch, old chum.


hmm mango lol make more of this its hilarios