Reviews for "Down At Juice Bar"

Aquired taste



for some reason, purposefully bad animation kicks ass

go you!

Ha ha the series made it!

I've been watching a few episodes from your series, like any decent NG series it seems that the first episodes are poor, the first Bad Guys episode was no exception for me, while the later episodes come on in leaps and bounds.

This was a great episode, you don't overcomplicate anything, which is a quality in itself, nice non-exisiting theory and potato juice gags, you totally caught the theme of fagotty world ruling bad guys having a compelling bar conversation well. This series is certainly very unique.


LOL XD, This is a really funny video, So i added it to my favs! Nice work lol!!!

haha wow

its still in my top 4 favorites :D still a good flash but i mean wow you want to get wild hahaha nice getting a five from me