Reviews for "Down At Juice Bar"

Nice! :D

I liked it alot, your style is fresh to, it reminds me of Synj and Knox :P

Straying from the start

I know you want to take a break, but what happened to your edge?
it seems after the first bad guys it has gotten more softer and boring. what ever happened to "whores and Ale for everbody! Huzzah!"? they go from this to drinkin potatoe juice? c'mon and put the funny back into this.

Conqourig the world one juice bar at a time.

So many of life little prolems still exsist even after ruling the world.


theres something really familiar about that blue character.. ;)


ChrisNosal responds:

Heh, I've heard a couple people say it reminded them of your characters. I guess the way they look is a bit similar. But I like to think their personalities are pretty unique.


This Was Close to the First One As Far As Humor!

I liked the first one the best because it had more of the Polish/German/Russian heritage people talking, which kind reminds me how the U.S. society and Industrialized societies are such a highly specific society when it comes to speeches or written contracts: it must be stated or people will not know what you mean. Sven is funny! Did you name one of the other characters, Oalie (long "O" sound , not like Ollie)?

ChrisNosal responds:

That's the first time I've heard that name. I'm thinking of calling the blue guy in this one Bjorn. I think 2 or 3 people mentioned that name in reviews for my previous episodes, and I thought it was pretty cool.