Reviews for "The Invasion Ch. 6"


Possibly the worst daily feature ever


This isn't the... best thing ive ever seen... the graphics were ok, but the sound and violence were crud. I like the space theme, but I think you could've done better. Try having a tiny more action in things you make, and like the above review said, try to make your guy a littlke more 'exciting...'

Some constructive Criticism

I found this really ordinary and stale. It was just a motion tween fest that became incredible flat.

The thing you have to understand is that anyone who's ever used flash before will know if its tweened or not and sometimes when its overused people will slip out of that 'illusion' that you're watching a video instead of thinking, "man that was so easy to do".

Some things you might want to work on in the future:

1. Animation: k for expample.. when that spaceship was entering the planet in the beginning, that was so cheezy - the ship kind of just sailed in like a piece of paper in a perfectly straight and unchanging orientation. ATLEAST make it feel like were going into a planets atmosphere - have the ship shake and take damage or light up into a fire ball at the tip of the nose. IM SURE youve seen Apollo 13 or something.

2. Voice acting and again animation. When your astronaut shoots the guy, he says in the most monotone voice Ive ever heard, "enemy down" or whatever. That was so boring. Little details like that have a huge impact on the overall movie. Have your character feel something, and have his arm move faster - again another motion tween that was too slow.

3. Art, I think if you're going to take the motion tween route you better atleast have some interesting art. If you have simple objects, people will want better animation because it makes up for the lack of detail. If you cant animate, then atleast give the objects some depth and reality.

Overall this was a very weak animation and could have been much better if you only fix up a couple of things. I don't see how this got daily feature.


Maybe if I watched the other chapters it would've made some sense, nah, it would still have been the shittest thing I've ever seen, or maybe number 3 would've been, who knows? But I'm not going to try and find out, I would prefer to save the next 15mins of my life for something important, like fame.

Freakin Rocks

This freakin rocks man! Keep up the good work!