Reviews for "The Invasion Ch. 6"

too bad...

i really didnt like this. there should be a better plot. not just, "the americans will do this in the future because obviously they are the only people that give a dam about the planet."

better animation than i could do but really, the whole idea could use a revamp.


i thot it was sweet, i liked everything.it cudda been a bit more humourus tho, or it might jus b that im a person dat lyks those kinda flashes.


that was pretty good,the stort was really original and i love the graphic well done,the animation need some work,but overall with some work this could be a great flash,keep working on it to make it better,nic woek...

decent movie

The graphics were good, and the sound was too. But there's one thing I want to know: What version of Flash do you use?


This was the same as every other space cartoon ever created, was just an excuse for effects in a way.

GIVE A DECENT STORY and I will give you asian hookers.