Reviews for "The Invasion Ch. 6"

wasent that good

it wasent that good,I dont even know why it was on todays features,It could have ben better if the storyline, graphics and sound was better. It also needs to be longer.

It's alright

I've seen better. This could be better. The graphics aren't too great, especially compared to others I have seen. The sound is good. It could be a little bit longer with more substance. I found it kind of boring


A pretty good add in to the next chapter. could have has slightly better animation.
Them voices were good when they actually talked (which was about 4 times throughout the whole movie) The music was good though.
You did a good jon on this overall though.

Next time I hope you can have better animation, and less linear and radial spots everywhere. Keep it up.


THAT WAS FUNNY AND COOL, ive never seen a movie as good as this and tyhe speaking was cool

nice job b!

very good job i give u a 5/5 very nice work and produce more plz!