Reviews for "She_Remix [Box-Killa]"

Really enjoyed this

The combination of strings, bass and drums work great. Lots of variety and the bass and/or drums doesn't overshadow the instruments like I hear in other songs. I especially like the violin parts and the combo of soft musical parts and more upbeat. Good job ^^


This song was just amazing, everything was great.
Its the sorta song you'd see in the intro, or trailer of a James Bond Movie.
I love it, 5/5 and favorited.


Flows really well from one part to the next.
I don't really like it when the drums go really deep at the beggining.
Could be good if you tried to a similar song but without the drums so it's kind of like an orchestra. I reckon that could turn out really good.
Really good, keep it up.

Amazing song

The popish drums mixed well with the classical piano, was amazing. Really no critique to give. Nice work man.

Pretty, yet epic

It has the beauty of the classical piece, and yet it has the epicness of techno. The piano kinda sits in the middle of beauty and epic. I find the piano to be an epic instrument when it wants to be. It kinda drags along a bit near the end, but it still somehow keeps the attention. Nice work