Reviews for "She_Remix [Box-Killa]"


Good intro, but when it breaked down with the drums, it sounded kinda dry.. you know what i mean? Now i haven't heard the orginal so i can't say that much too..

Oh and did I hear a VEC fill-in loop there too? (;

Gratz on top 5

5/5 caus of the piano

Box-Killa responds:

Yeah VEC Is awesome :D

Pretty good

What's the name of the song this is a remix of?

Review time!

So first let me congratulate you on making third in the top of the week. This is a good sign if you are doing this for a contest. So now then, without further ado, lets begin the review.

Overall pretty sweet sounding. You have a good melody, really interactive beat and good harmonization along with cool speed, instruments, and originality. It sounds like this song was just a natural success and you didn't really have to work on it too hard to make it succeed which is really good in some cases. However, with every song there are problems that must be noticed.
First off, While your melody was cool, it was very repetative. Yeah sure you could say that you used different instruments and all, which is a nice substitute, however the song still felt as if it were repeating over and over again which is not really a good thing in my opinion. "Familiarity Breeds comtempt".
Next, the overall strength of the song was kind of lacking. While your beat was really cool the song itself was kind of weak and somewhat timid sounding as if you were not sure about whether or not people would like this. I have always been taught within my musical career to always play out whenever you are unsure. This (while slightly embarrasing) lets everyone know what you are thinking and overall lets everybody know that you are trying to do the right thing. If you don't you may very well create something extraordinary and have hardly anybody hear it. However, in saying this, don't make it too strong or anything. A good suggestion would be to add some more parts to the song that are different but still fit in with the melody and to be able to put in some more instruments. That would complete the song in my mind.
Next is length. While I really liked the song, it was a bit short. You need to expand on your idea. Music is something that is expressed from the heart, it is like someone's life. It is born when the song begins and it slowly dies as the song ends. You want a long life to your song correct? Even if the song sucks you still want to let everybody know that you put your best foot forward everytime and you are still trying to please people. That is the key.

Still though, you have a good idea and your originality is abundant throughout this song. Just extend it and make it louder and more clear. Keep up the good work and I hope to hear more from you. Peace,

P.S you are getting a download from me which is a good sign. (so far I have not downloaded first place for this week or second) Congrats!

Box-Killa responds:

Yes to everything lol :D I love a tough review once or twice lol

Awesome song

I love it, I've listened over and over to it.
I think it'll fit in many flash works.
Keep making great songs.


This is very cool!
It's very aweome!
Keep up the good work! ;)