Reviews for "She_Remix [Box-Killa]"


dont know how u did it but its awesome


This track as so much potential, like it was stated already I find the drums a bit to dry, but with a bit more instrument this track could become so much more I think! Keep working on it and I'm sure you'll get something awesome!

Look what I told you! :D

I knew it! you are talented! you kept doing what you where doing and got millions times better! I <3 u mate! :D

Box-Killa responds:

Ha Yeah thanks man <3 U too.

Pure amazing

loved it, It belongs in movies and TV shows

Heard, liked, now to do tha' reveiw.

It had a great tune, and I liked te beat, but when it got to th drums, it sounded a little dry, as Helth said. But Over all great, and should live on New Grounds for some time.