Reviews for "She_Remix [Box-Killa]"

Well Done.

This is a very well done remix, even though I've never heard the original it is still great.

Much like Castlevania...

...it's Classical and modern merged in perfect harmany!
Nintendo must envy U!
perfectly mastered, all the way through

Well done.

In the end you have a very listenable song. You can take that and feel good. However:

The strength of this song relies on the beats. In which there isn't much variety. I mean what I'm basically looking at here is someone else's song sped up with a beat laid over the top. The beats all make that same transition too. ( I haven't really made music in 10 years. But I'd have used sample off-setting or note slide to get that sound. No clue what the right name for it is. ) The beats all transition with an effect not unlike hearing something under a pillow.

The music itself doesn't really feel played with either. Maybe you did, I don't know. Just telling you how it sounds to me the ignorant audience. It seemed to me like the song under the beats was pretty much left alone. Maybe cut it up and move it around. Let some of the notes breathe. Right now it sounds sped up. Find a way to make it feel like it's supposed to be 140bpm.

Please don't take this to mean I think I'm better than you. I usually don't write music reviews. Cause I'm pretty ignorant. I only reviewed because you asked. Hope that this helps.


brilliant chune very interesting thx


Really well done friend and fantastic tune, and i love the way you have kept most of the classical song really excentuates the beat when it comes back in. Still not long enough, my ears hunger for more, MORE I SAY!